Buyer’s Guide

Owning a Home by Belleview Group



Visit our sales gallery at any of our branches located in Penang, Kulim & Alor Setar. Our sales & marketing personnel will be glad to provide you with registration forms in which you can state your preferred location and type of property or register yourself at

Letter of Offer

Upon confirmation of purchase, a letter of offer will be issued with the receipt for the initial 10% down payment.

Execution of Sale and Purchase Agreement

Completion of the S&P must be done at our attached solicitor’s office upon settlement of the initial 10% down payment.

Loan Application

Private Sector Loan Applicant

You have the authorization to choose the end financier to expedite the loan application process. The documents required to apply a loan are below :

Sequence of Loan Processing


Government Loan Applicant

For the government loan applicant, you will be advised by your Department Head on the requirements for a housing loan or you may surf to the website at for further details.

The loan processing is handled by the :

Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan
Perbendaharaan Malaysia
Kompleks Kementerian Kewangan
No.9, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2
Pusat Pentadbiran Kerajaan Persekutuan
62592 Putrajaya, Malaysia

Tel : 03-8880 2000
Fax : 03-8880 1801

Email :

Letter of Offer of Loan

Once the loan is approved, a letter of offer will be issued by the end-financier to you within 14 days. Please be advised that you are to settle the difference between the purchase price and loan amount in the Third Schedule of the Sale and Purchase Agreement and Letter of Offer of end-financier.

Letter of Instruction to Execute the Loan Documents

The end-financier will instruct the solicitor to prepare the loan documents for the purchaser’s execution. In the issuance of a separate title the property will be charged to the end-financier as a security for the loan. If this is not the case, the property will be assigned to the end-financier by way of deed of assignment of the SPA.

Registration of Documents

The end-financier’s solicitor will present the Memorandum of Transfer in favour of the purchaser and the charge in favour of the end-financier registration at the relevant Land Office where the issuance of a separate title. The end-financier will keep the original SPA and Loan Agreement and Assignment when a separate title has been issued.

Release of Progress Payment

The end-financier’s solicitor wills advice the end-financier to release the outstanding progress payments to us in accordance with the Architect’s Certificate issued upon completion of each stage of construction.

Progress Billing

Progress Billing is the periodical invoicing by us either to you or the end-financier when the relevant construction stage in the Third Schedule of the Sale & Purchase Agreement is completed as certified by the architect.

Header : Payment Procedure

Down Payment

Upon completion of the S&P, the initial 10% down payment as stated in the Sale and Purchase Agreement has to be paid to us.

Payment Period

A period of 21 working days from the date of the invoice is given for the payment of the progress billing.

Mode of Payment

Payment can be made by cheque, bank draft or money order. Avoid payment by cash if possible. (Except for the settlement of miscellaneous charges)

Refund of over payment

Refund of over payment is subject to the following conditions :

Late Payment Interest (LPI)

As stated in the Sale & Purchase Agreement, a late payment charge at 10% per annual will calculate on daily basis will be levied on any overdue payment.

Example :

Invoice dated 06/08/2014 for RM50,000.00.

Due date 05/09/2014 in example 21 working days from date of invoice.

Payment received on 10/09/2014.

No of days delayed : 06/09/2014 to 10/09/2014 = 5 days

5 days/365 x 10% x RM50,000.00 = RM68.49

Avoidance of Late Payment Interest (LPI)

In order to avoid the imposition of LPI, you are advice to adhere the following conditions :

Header : Handing Over of Vacant Possession

Letter of handing over of vacant possession

Joint Inspection

We will arrange an appointment for a joint inspection between you and our Property Management Department. The joint inspection is to ensure that all specifications as per Sale and Purchase Agreement are provided and to identify any defects or complaints. Your complaints should be in writing and will be attended by us throughout the defects liability period (24 months). Any defects which become apparent during this period not arising from your own actions will be rectified by us on a first come first serve basic.

Your Rights as a Purchaser

The Ministry of Housing and Local Government’s Enforcement Division is the authority sanctioned by the Government to ensure that your rights as a purchaser are protected. As a purchaser you are entitled to certain rights in accordance with the Sale and Purchase Agreement. Highlight of the Sale and Purchase Agreement as below :


EPF Withdrawal

Those EPF members who wish to make withdrawal from your EPF account, kindly obtain the EPF withdrawal forms from either EPF office or download it at

EPF Withdrawal Procedure


Withdrawal of EPF will be entitlement for those who are EPF member.


Your entitlement would be 30% of balance available in purchaser’s EPF account II of the difference between the purchase price and loan amount whichever is lower.


Note : The original Sale and Purchase Agreement, Letter of Loan approval from your end financier and your original IC have to be sighted by the EPF officials.

Mode of Payment

The payment will be released directly to the member roughly about 14 working days from t